Neuro Stimulator


The Wearable Neuro Stimulator uses cutting-edge technology to treat chronic pain so you can reduce the need for medications and topical numbing creams. The practice offers Implantable Neurostimulator Pulse Generator treatments with a percutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, which involves wearing a small ear device for seven to ten days.

This device is linked to four electrodes that are attached to your ear with adhesives. It works by sending out gentle waves of alternating electrical frequencies to stimulate branches of cranial nerves, including your vagus nerve. While the electrodes do gently pierce your skin, they don’t cause discomfort. The neurostimulator treatment takes just 15 minutes and your physician counsels you on what to expect during your treatment.

At the end of the seven-day period, you return for a follow-up visit. Your doctor re-evaluates your symptoms to determine how effective the neurostimulation treatment worked for your chronic pain. If you still experience ongoing pain, you may need a second treatment.

Clinical trials show that neurostimulator devices are highly effective for reducing pain. If other treatments haven’t worked, neurostimulation might be your next best option.

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