A Servant's Heart


As I reflect on my past 30 plus years in practice, I am reminded of why I became a physician in the first place. I have come full circle reflecting on the things that I get the most satisfaction from. There is no greater joy for me then to see the patients with whom I am able to serve and to see the rewards of healing; knowing full well that there is a higher power who has their lives
in control. I am just the vessel whose hands and mind assist in the healing. I never tire of this. It’s about touching the lives of those around you in gentleness and compassion; even when, they themselves, cannot reach or ask for help.

My practice has never had the drive-in/out type of approach. Having patience with patients and patience with physicians is a two-way street. Every person’s problem is of a unique nature and it is difficult at times to know what a Doctor might be confronted with. Yet, it is also important for that patient to get the quality time they seek. As I tell my patients, there is no quick-fix. It took a long time to get this way and it usually takes some time to heal.

If you are looking for the qualities I hold true to myself, then I am the right physician for you with changing lives by changing outcomes. 

- Dr. Nichols

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