Alliance LogoThe expert podiatrists at Alliance Foot & Ankle Specialists in Grapevine and Keller, Texas improve the health of your feet and ankles through innovative and groundbreaking medical care that respects you as a unique individual. They believe in “changing lives by changing feet for life.”

Drs. Nichols and Harvey diagnose and treat a wide range of foot and ankle conditions on the premises, including sports injuries, skin and nail problems, pediatric foot problems, and diabetic wound care. If your foot or ankle problem requires reconstructive surgery, the doctors perform it in an arranged surgical center or hospital when necessary.

The team always chooses the least invasive methods possible to improve your health and alleviate pain, such as non-surgical shockwave therapy for heel pain after a foot or ankle emergency.

Your Alliance doctors help you make lifestyle changes to improve the strength and flexibility of your feet and ankles and promote overall well-being. Alliance also recommends physical therapy and biomechanics to help you (literally) get back on your feet after a foot emergency, surgery, or injury.

The caring podiatrists at Alliance Foot & Ankle Specialists work with children, athletes, weekend warriors, and men and women of all ages who are challenged with chronic conditions, such as diabetes.

If you have bone and joint disorders, arthritis, a foot or ankle injury or emergency, are at risk for diabetes-related foot disorders, or if you would like to learn more about how to improve your balance, call the experts at Alliance Foot & Ankle Specialists today. You also can book a consultation with the online form.

Some of us maintain our vehicles, update our homes, and practice healthy habits. Then there are some of us who wait till the check engine light comes on or wait until we’re too embarrassed to step on a scale. We choose to put off these tasks because they are overwhelming and the same applies to your foot and ankle care. As a result, we make excuses and find reasons to put off going to see me until the next day or next week. Don’t put off your pain and discomfort until you can no longer stand it.

Compassion is becoming a thing of the past in the healthcare industry because of all the demands being put on our practices today. I strive to give you the quality time you deserve to help solve your problem. I believe that “how you are remembered is the way you treat others.”

Our website is my way of communicating with you and keeping you abreast of all the new and exciting changes in our practice.