high heels and foot pain Tarrant County

For most women, high heels are a closet staple. Nothing is better for celebrating a special occasion or looking your best than sporting your best, pointiest, highest pair of stilettos. Unfortunately, as fashionable as they are, these shoes are also one of the main causes of foot pain for women. While it is recommended that women reduce or completely eliminate their high heel wearing, some aren’t quite ready to take that step. If you’re looking to wear your heels while still saving your feet, there are some ways you can do so.


First, it’s important to know what can happen if you don’t take care of your feet. While your feet may look great in those shoes now, the long term is more than just high heels and foot pain. You can actually cause deformity if you don’t change your habits. Bunions and hammertoe are the results of careless heel wearing and are only reversible with surgery, so be careful!


With these easy steps, you can be smarter about wearing your favorite pair of heels without creating more causes of foot pain and damage.

  • Make sure your heels fit
  • Always wear inserts
  • When possible, wear thicker heels
  • Bring flats and give your feet a break during the day

It’s understandable if you aren’t quite ready to ditch your heels, but you need to be aware of the causes of foot pain associated with heels and the damage they can cause to your feet. Be smart about wearing your high heels to prevent issues such as hammertoes and bunions in the future.

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basso support 11/12/2021 05:13 PM
I am sure with that statement is and appreciate the efforts for rising that question.Very informative. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Let me share that I am over 60 and was accustomed to wearing heels between 3 & 4 inches each day for more than 8 hours. Now, I have had to change that pattern – wearing flat, sneaker-like official basso dress-shoes-high-heels
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