Don’t flip out. Other than socks, flip-flops are the most popular footwear on the planet. Despite all the podiatrist’s warnings and research results, medical advice doesn’t seem to have  adversely affected the popularity of the current flip-flop trend. 

Wearers are taking shorter steps in order to keep the footwear on their feet, which can raise the risk of foot and ankle pain. Look for a pair with thick, stable soles and straps across the instep  that will help you stay on your feet by feeling more secure. Dr. Nichols advises opting for a pair  that features added arch supports or allows room for you to add supportive inserts such as  Aetrex or Vionic. Typically, most shoes don’t provide arch supports people need. This can lead  to plantar fasciitis, tendinitis and painful inflammation of the nerves in the ball of the foot.  

heavenly steps footwear Tarrant CountyTypically, flip-flops have a soft spongy flat footbed, so when the foot strikes the ground there is  no support or control during the pronation phase of gait. An unsupported arch during pronation  tends to invert and flatten — leading to arches turned downward, which causes excessive  internal rotation of the lower leg which can cause tendinitis, medial knee pain, hip and lower  back pain. 

We can sidestep the aches and pain by giving your feet the support and protection you need  from spending more time on your feet or doing all sorts of activities on various types of terrain. Most podiatrists are concerned that flip-flops provide no foot support and cause heels to slide,  both of which can result in foot injuries.  

buy flip-flops Tarrant CountyRule of thumb is “don’t buy cheap flip-flops.” Be good to yourself and choose the better quality,  more expensive brands with anatomical footbeds and decent arch support. Vasyli’s Vionic  sandal is a better choice of flip-flop which has an adjustable strap. We look forward to seeing you soon at our Heavenly Steps Footwear Store in Grapevine and check out our Telic Sandals 

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