If you notice your kids feet turn outward instead of straight forward, they may have what's known as out-toeing in children. Also called duck-feet, this condition can lead to pain and a possible disability as the child develops into an adult. However, according to our experienced Grapevine podiatrist, while that is possible, out-toeing generally corrects itself and is rarely serious.   Grapevine podiatrist Out-toeing in children

Causes of Out-Toeing in Children

Out-toeing can be seen in toddlers when they begin to walk or in children or adolescents. Some causes of out-toeing in children include:

Symptoms of Out-Toeing

There are several symptoms of out-toeing in children that include:

  • Waddle walk. When a child has out-toeing, they appear to waddle when they walk.
  • Foot position. A child’s feet with out-toeing will point outward instead of straight forward. Their knees may also point outward.
  • Shoes. A child with out-toeing may wear out their shoes on the outer edges. There may also be scuff marks on the outside edges of the shoes as well.

A child with out-toeing typically is not in discomfort or pain, and out-toeing does not affect the ability to walk.

Out-Toeing Treatment Options

After being evaluated by a Grapevine pdoiatrist, out-toeing treatment options will be discussed based on your child’s situation. Much like pediatric intoeing, out-toeing responds well to at-home treatments and is rarely serious. Some treatment options for out-toeing in children include:

  • Monitoring. For children under the age of six, most doctors recommend waiting and watching if the child outgrows the condition. Most cases of out-toeing resolve themselves by the time a child is eight.
  • Physical therapy. Physical therapy exercises can often help to retrain the legs and feet. Therapy can also help reduce tightness in the hips.
  • Surgery. In more severe cases that do not respond to at-home care, surgery with a specialist Grapevine podiatrist may be needed.

When to See a Grapevine Podiatrist

If your child begins to experience sudden pain when walking, you can consult with a Grapevine podiatrist who can evaluate the condition. Some other reasons to contact your doctor include:

  • Limping
  • Not walking as expected for age
  • One foot is turned outward more than the other
  • Problems with gait that are worsening

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