A pedicure can be a great way to relax and feel pampered, but it can be dangerous if you have diabetic feet. Even if your condition is under control, going to a nail salon or spa can put you at risk for infection. If you plan to get a pedicure, consult with an experienced podiatrist beforehand, so you can understand pedicure risks for diabetic patients. pedicure risks for diabetic patients

Dangers of Pedicures and Foot Spas for Diabetic Patients

Pedicures are especially dangerous for diabetic patients due to the risk of infection. Nail technicians often use sharp and possibly contaminated tools that may injure your feet and cause an infection as well.

Pedicure Risks for Diabetic Patients

  • Poor circulation. Diabetes can cause a lack of or reduced blood flow, resulting in poor circulation. If you suffer a wound from a sharp tool during a pedicure, poor circulation can make it slow to heal.
  • Diabetic neuropathy. Diabetes can cause diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage, resulting in reduced sensation. When you can’t feel sensation in your feet, you may not be aware of a cut or other injury until it becomes infected.
  • Fungal infection. If a salon uses tools that aren’t sterile or the environment isn’t properly sanitized, you are at risk for a fungal infection. Having diabetes can make it difficult to treat fungal infections, leading to more severe problems.
  • Ingrown toenails. If a toenail is cut too short during a pedicure or is not trimmed straight across, it can become ingrown. For those with diabetes, ingrown toenails can easily lead to an infection. When infection occurs, surgery will be necessary (like in the video below) to help rectify the concern.

If you are diabetic and develop an infection, it can spread to surrounding tissue or bone. If the infection cannot be controlled, it can lead to gangrene or require amputation to save your life.

Alternatives to a Spa Pedicure

You do not have to give up pedicures just because you have diabetes. There are safe alternatives to consider that can keep your feet healthy and looking their best. Instead of going to the spa, make an appointment to have your feet pampered by a medical professional such as a DFW foot doc. Seeing a podiatrist regularly for annual exams is important for patients with diabetes, and a podiatrist can also help you maintain healthy habits for your feet.

If your podiatrist does not offer pedicures as part of their services, consider going to a medical spa where they are required to keep high standards of cleanliness and have staff trained to handle the needs of clients with diabetes.

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