travel shoes in Grapevine TXWhile waiting at the airport one day, I happened to notice the type of shoes that passengers were wearing. It didn't matter if they were young or old, male or female, most of them wore shoes with no support. Some were sliding out of their sandals, others had fallen arches. Some parents are more attentive to purchasing supportive shoes for their child's developing feet, while others think a child's shoe gear makes no difference. Sports companies like Nike, Sketchers, etc have many convinced that they are the best supportive shoes. But not all shoes are created equal. They might look great and feel wonderful, but if a shoe does not have supportive biomechanics such as raised arches, rocker bottoms, and supportive heels.  When considering new shoe gear, take time to properly evaluate it or come see Tami to make sure that you get the proper shoe supports for your individual needs.

Best Foot Forward,

Richard A. Nichols, DPM, PA, FACFAS 

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