non-surgical treatment options for foot pain in Dallas-Fort WorthIf you have chronic foot or heel pain, surgery is not the only treatment option to consider. Our Dallas-Fort Worth podiatrist can recommend several effective non-surgical treatment options that may relieve symptoms and have you back on your feet pain-free. 

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Foot or Heel Pain in Dallas-Fort Worth

The type of treatment recommended for heel or foot pain depends on factors such as the root cause of the pain, your overall health, and your activity level. An experienced Dallas-Fort Worth podiatrist will examine your feet to determine the cause of your pain, so a treatment plan can be developed based on your individual needs. They may offer conservative treatment options to relieve your pain rather than immediately recommending surgery.

Types of Non-Surgical Treatment

  • Rest. If you have injured your foot, keeping it elevated while resting can reduce swelling and pain. In some cases, applying ice can be beneficial as well. To give your foot a chance to heal, you may be advised to keep weight off the foot and reduce your activities or switch to those that are lower impact.
  • Medication. Anti-inflammatory pain medication can often help ease pain and provide relief and reduce swelling.
  • Injections. An injection of a corticosteroid medication can be used to reduce inflammation and help ease the pain.
  • Custom orthotics. Orthotics can be worn inside the shoes to provide added support, so pain can be reduced in the heels or specific areas of the feet.
  • Night splints. Using night splints while sleeping can hold feet in the proper position, so pain from conditions such as plantar fasciitis can be reduced. In addition to night splints, taping or strapping the arch of the foot can often help provide additional comfort.
  • Physical therapy. Certain physical therapy exercises and stretches can build strength and increase range of motion to address various foot or heel problems.
  • MLS laser therapy. For soft-tissue causes of heel pain, MLS laser therapy can be used to reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate healing.
  • Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT). EPAT is a type of shockwave therapy used to stimulate healing and reduce pain. This technique uses pressure waves to enhance the circulation of blood in order to regenerate healthy tissue and can be used to treat conditions such as Achilles tendinitis, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, or soft tissue injuries. 

If after trying various conservative treatment methods you do not find relief from chronic foot or heel pain, surgery may be an option to consider. Your podiatrist will discuss the type of procedure to best remedy the pain in your foot or heel.

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