best podiatry office in KellerThere are plenty of foot specialists in Texas—and a good number in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But, when they offer many of the same services and treat the same conditions, how can you choose the best podiatry office in Keller?

The team at Alliance Foot & Ankle Specialists wants to take a moment to explain our treatment philosophies, why our practice is top-notch, and how we run our office. We want you to learn more about our medical approach and why we love what we do. 

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Our Podiatry Office in Keller Listens  

In today’s fast-paced world, some doctors seem to have adopted a drive-in, drive-out mentality. These medical professionals seem rushed and distracted, leaving you feeling neglected and unheard. Some of these foot doctors in Keller don’t take the time to understand the symptoms of your medical condition fully.

At Alliance Foot & Ankle Specialists, Dr. Joseph Harvey and Dr. Richard Nichols understand that one of the best ways to treat their patients successfully is by listening to what they say, asking questions about their symptoms, and caring about their concerns. Within your story lies many of the answers we need to provide you with optimal treatment. You know your body, and the information you provide about your symptoms is vital for healing your condition. At the beginning of each visit, we listen before we talk.

We Give Guided and Informed Exams 

What is a guided, informed exam? Imagine the difference between examining the foot of a person who hasn’t spoken a word during their appointment and examining the foot of someone who has told you about their history of breaking a certain bone repeatedly and who is coming in after suffering an injury on the soccer field. The informed exam will result in a much faster and more accurate diagnosis. An uninformed exam can result in the opposite: misdiagnosis and the wrong treatment

That’s why our podiatrists actively listen to our patients before their socks come off. We do not interrupt as they teach us what has happened and how they feel about it. The result is a better patient relationship, providing better diagnoses and outcomes. 

Our Keller Foot Doctors Use a Holistic Approach 

We may be podiatrists, but we don’t just care about our patients’ feet. We understand that healthy feet are the foundation of a healthy body. Feet not only keep you mobile, but they also help with posture and balance. When you have problems with your feet, you may be having problems with other areas of your body, too.

While we strive to make your feet healthy and pain-free, we also recognize that other factors, such as lifestyle, diet, behavior, and mental health issues, may contribute to your medical condition.  

We treat the whole patient, not just their symptoms. We consider the entire body, not just the feet. We listen to the full story, not just the closing paragraph. 

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We Want You to Be an Active Participant in Your Care 

We believe patients have the best medical experience when they have time to ask questions, understand their symptoms and medical condition, and be involved in their treatment plans. This is why we provide all patients with a checklist to guide them through their visits and treatment plans, and we take extra care to be transparent and honest. 

Our Podiatry Office in Keller wants our patients to understand why we perform certain procedures, recommend specific treatments, and advise certain after-care regimens. We arm you with the information you need so you know exactly what to expect along the way. 

We Don’t Move Forward Without Your Trust 

Finding someone who has not had a sub-par experience with a medical professional is challenging. Maybe you were treated without full knowledge of what to expect, perhaps you weren’t heard, or maybe your doctor never informed you of your options. It’s possible your doctor didn’t believe you were actually in pain or suffering the symptoms you say you were. Whatever the case, that stops when you come through our doors. 

At Alliance Foot & Ankle Specialists, A Keller foot doctor will not take action without your complete trust. And we establish that trust by listening to you, taking our time to get to know you, and being thorough about your medical situation. We understand that you will have an inferior experience if you are not comfortable.

Our Foot Specialists Form Real Relationships With Our Patients 

Our podiatry office in Keller, TX, is not about fixing foot problems and collecting checks. We are about establishing a neighborhood practice where individuals and families can receive a lifetime of care. We want to get to know you, understand your story, and be there for you when you need help with your foot health. 

We feel that forming relationships with our patients keeps them returning to our practice and helps us be better practitioners and doctors. We play the long game, and nothing pleases us more than seeing familiar faces in our offices as we help them continue to have happy, healthy feet. 

Our Keller Podiatry Office Believes in a Balanced Approach With Multiple Perspectives 

We believe in the strength of having a podiatry practice with two different doctors from different backgrounds and generations. It creates a balanced approach and a quick way to get a second opinion or perspective. Dr. Nichols and Dr. Harvey have extensive experience and expertise, but their work is stronger because it’s done as a team. 

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