People with diabetes may have a variety of problems in their feet and legs, and poor foot circulation is often a common issue with this disease.When this occurs, it's important to see a Keller podiatrist to help treat your concerns.

Diabetes-related conditions such as peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and peripheral neuropathy both cause poor circulation. PAD reduces the blood flow to the feet and legs by constricting the blood vessels. When the peripheral arteries are narrowed, blood flow is constricted, and it reduces circulation to your feet. Peripheral neuropathy can occur from nerve damage due to high blood sugars. It causes poor circulation as well as a loss of sensation in the feet. Keller podiatrist for poor circulation in your feet

Signs of Poor Foot Circulation

According to our Keller podiatrist, some common signs of poor foot circulation include:

  • Pain when walking
  • Numbness in the feet
  • Change in color or temperature of the feet
  • Loss of hair on the legs or feet
  • Brittle toenails
  • Slow-healing wounds

If you have symptoms of poor circulation in your feet, talk to our Keller podiatrist about treatment options. It is important to seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent serious or fatal complications. Poor circulation can put you at a higher risk for infection since you may not feel if there are cuts or wounds on your feet.

Poor foot circulation problems that may occur due to diabetes are:

Treatment and Prevention

Getting your blood sugar under control is key to managing diabetes and preventing problems with circulation. Your Keller podiatrist can recommend treatment options based on your specific needs. Treatment options for poor foot circulation may include:

  • Medication such as blood thinners or pain relievers
  • Antidepressants to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy
  • Electronic nerve stimulation
  • Surgery

Some tips to consider that can improve circulation to your feet are:

  • Quit smoking
  • Maintain a healthy blood pressure
  • Wear compression socks
  • Eat healthy and exercise regularly

Contact Our Keller Podiatrist for Problems With Poor Foot Circulation

If you are diabetic and have signs of poor circulation in your legs and feet, contact our Keller podiatrist today. To schedule an appointment, fill out our convenient online on this page, or call us today.