what is a podiatrist grapevineA podiatrist is a foot and ankle specialist and we do everything beginning with issues with the skin, lesions, different types of diseases all the way down to bone deformities such as bunionshammertoes, heel pain and trauma.

Why Do Patients Come to See a Podiatrist?

The vast majority of patients usually come in because they have foot pain and are having discomfort while walking or wearing shoes or are not able to perform athletics or whatever activities it is that they do on a daily basis. A lot of people go to see their general practitioner for foot or ankle pain out of habit. Whereas, all a podiatrtist does all day long is evaluate patient's foot and ankle pain and create treatment plans and order testing. 

Why It's a Bad Idea to Visit Your General Practitioner?

Many patients that go into see a general practitioner, generally leave unhappy as they are not able to treat their pain. I always tell them it's like taking your car to the muffler shop to get the brakes fixed. They may be able to tell you that you have a brake problem, but you need to go to the brake specialist and get whatever it is that it needs fixing. And that is the same thing with a podiatrist, because we see this every day, we have specialized protocols that are tailored specifically for each of the conditions that we see in the foot and ankle.

A lot of primary physicians see such a variety of things that they can't really get into much depth with something like the foot and ankle so they may try a first-line therapy such as an anti-inflammatory or recommend an insert or something like that and then if it gets beyond that where the patient isn't getting any relief, then they usually just refer them to a podiatrist and let them take care of it from that point forward.

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