Having diabetes or another health condition can often cause a foot wound to heal slowly or not at all. Because a wound that isn’t healing can lead to serious complications, it should be evaluated by our experienced Keller podiatrist who is familiar with diabetic wound care.

If a foot wound does not heal or is left untreated, an infection can spread and lead to amputation. The earlier a wound is treated, the more likely it will heal properly. Keller podiatrist for foot wound that won't heal

Common Reasons Foot Wounds Don’t Heal Properly

There are many reasons why a wound on your foot is not healing properly. For those with diabetes, the most common reason is poor circulation. Poor circulation can cause a reduced flow of blood and oxygen to damaged skin and tissue making it difficult for the wound to heal. Some other reasons why a wound may not heal properly include:

  • Foot pressure. If there is pressure on a foot wound when walking or standing, it can aggravate the wound, and it may not heal. To eliminate pressure, padding may be used over the wound, or a custom insert can be worn inside the shoe. In addition, a walking aid may be used to take off pressure.
  • Infection. Once a wound is infected, it can be difficult to heal. Antibiotics or other treatments may be needed to combat the infection and prevent it from spreading.
  • Improper treatment. If the wound isn’t treated correctly, it may not heal properly. Our Keller podiatrist can recommend specific treatment for your condition. If that treatment is not working, another option may be more effective.

In addition to diabetes, there are other factors that can put you at risk for developing foot wounds, including:

  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • Age
  • Certain medications

Time to See Our Experienced Keller Podiatrist

You can contact aour Keller podiatrist if a wound or an ulcer on your foot is slow to heal or not healing properly. A podiatrist will diagnose your condition and recommend treatment options to ensure the wound does not lead to serious complications such as blood or bone infections, gangrene, and amputation.

If you are diabetic and have a wound on your foot that is not healing properly, contact our experienced Keller podiatrist for a consultation. We can evaluate your wound and create a treatment plan to meet your needs. To schedule an appointment in our Grapevine or Keller office, fill out our convenient contact form, or call us today.