If you are preparing for foot surgery in Keller, TX, you may have questions about the procedure or what to expect after it’s over. There are ways to be prepared, so you have less to worry about as you recover and get back on your feet. foot surgery keller tx

Questions to Ask Before Foot Surgery in Keller

Once you’re scheduled for foot surgery in Keller, TX, you may wonder what is actually involved in the procedure and what you should do as you recover. It’s important to have your Tarrant County foot surgeon fully explain the type of operation, so you understand the details of the process. Be sure to write down any questions you have, and ask your doctor to give thorough answers. Some questions you may have prior to surgery:

  • Should I avoid drinking or smoking prior to surgery?
  • Can I eat the night before surgery, or will I need to fast?
  • What kind of anesthesia will be used for my foot surgery in Keller?
  • What restrictions or mobility limitations will I have after surgery?
  • Will I need a ride home after the procedure, or will I spend the night at the hospital?
  • How long will I be off work?
  • What should I bring with me on the day of surgery?

Preparing for Recovery

Before your foot surgery in Keller, you should create a plan with your Tarrant County foot surgeon to make your recovery go as easy as possible. Being prepared can help you be less stressed after you get home. Some things you can do to prepare for recovery are:

  • Stock up on food and other supplies, so you do not need to make a trip to the store or have others do it for you.
  • Ask a family member or friend if they are available to help you, if necessary, as you recover.
  • Prepare your home by moving any objects or obstacles that may get in your way and create a hazard. You can also place necessary items in areas that are easy to reach and access.
  • Have a shower stool or grab bar in your shower area to help prevent falls and make bathing easier. You may also need a waterproof bag or container to use over your foot to avoid getting it wet while bathing.
  • Lay out loose clothing that can be easily worn over your foot.
  • Purchase or rent a walker or scooter if you’re going to need one during recovery. If you need crutches, you can begin practicing on those ahead of time to make it easier to adjust.
  • Arrange for time off work, or ask if you can work remotely as you recover.
  • Eliminate the possibility of boredom by having movies, books, crafts, etc. available to keep you entertained.
  • Set up an area on the ground floor where you can sleep or stay without needing to go up and down steps.

Post-Surgery Instructions

It is important to follow any post-surgery instructions given to you by your podiatrist.  You may also need to schedule a follow-up appointment with your Tarrant County foort surgeon to make sure everything is looking good. Pain and swelling are both common after foot surgery in Keller, TX, and should be expected.

Some instructions you may be given after foot surgery include:

  • Avoid getting the surgical site wet for a certain period of time.
  • Do not place weight on the foot, and use crutches, a walker, or a scooter.
  • Use ice to help reduce pain and swelling.
  • Keep the foot elevated above your heart to minimize swelling.
  • Take medication to help with pain or inflammation as directed by your doctor.
  • Follow through on prescribed rehabilitation or physical therapy to help with your recovery.
  • Modify activities as directed by your doctor to prevent reinjury to the foot.

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