treat your feet rightYou probably don’t think about your feet too often, unless you have a problem. Just for a moment, consider everything your feet accomplish for you throughout the day.

Feet support your body weight, absorb the shock of each of your steps whether you’re walking or running, traverse over all kinds of surfaces, keep you stable with the terrain is uneven, and help you climb, among many other activities. Your feet are amazing!

However, if you don’t care for them, you may develop problems that hinder your activities and cause pain. At Alliance Foot & Ankle Specialists, our Heavenly Steps Comfort Footwear specialist provides a wide variety of shoe choices, exercise options, and professional care to keep your feet healthy and strong.


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The best shoe for you depends on many different factors, such as the kinds of activities you enjoy, whether you have existing foot issues, the shape of your foot, your age, and even your family medical history.

Recent research has shown that a so-called “minimalist shoe,” which is a shoe with a thin, flexible sole and no arch support, may result in developing stronger muscles in your feet. Strong feet are far less susceptible to injury.

However, minimalist shoes aren’t for everyone. Traditional shoes that provide more support and protection are critical for people who have various issues, including for example, neuropathy, which is nerve damage often related to diabetes.

There are some shoes that are simply bad for your feet, like high heels. Wearing high heels daily can lead to all kinds of problems, so if you must wear them, wear them for the shortest possible length of time, and opt for a low heel when possible.

If you have questions about the best shoe choice for you, book an appointment at Alliance Foot & Ankle Specialists. Our specialists are happy to answer your questions and guide you to a healthy option.


You already know that exercise is good for your health, but you may not realize that it’s specifically good for your feet. Walking is an excellent example. When you walk, your foot goes through its entire range of motion and works the critical muscles of your feet.

You may also want to incorporate flexibility and resistance exercises for your feet into your routine. Keeping your feet flexible helps reduce the likelihood of injury, and resistance builds strength, which provides support and protection.

Professional Care

You can prevent many foot injuries and problems by seeing a podiatrist before the problem arises. Even if you have healthy feet, it’s a good idea to consult a professional and make sure that your habits and routines are healthy for your feet.

Most foot-related issues develop over time, so if you see a podiatrist now, you may avoid problems later.

If you have any issues, from ingrown toenails to sore arches, you should see a podiatrist rather than attempting to correct any problems on your own or waiting for issues to go away.

Book your appointment at Heavenly Steps Comfort Footwear today to find out what kind of shoes are best for you, whether your exercise routine should be tweaked, have a baseline examination, and make sure your feet stay healthy and strong! Our online scheduling tool is easy to use and available anytime, or you’re welcome to call us to set up your appointment.

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