A flat foot, or fallen arch, is a condition that causes little to no visible arch in the foot. When standing, you may notice there is no gap between your feet and the floor indicating that no arch is present in the foot. While many people do not experience pain from flat feet, some with the condition do or experience other problems. If you're one of these people, our Grapevine podiatrist can help you diagnose and treat your flat foot. Grapevine podiatrist for a flat foot

Ways to Determine if You Have a Flat Foot

If you are uncertain about the type of arch your foot has, you can do the foot water test. To do this, simply dip your foot in water then step on a piece of cardboard. Examine the print that your wet foot leaves on the cardboard to determine your foot arch type. There are different types of foot arches such as:

  • Medium or normal arch. A medium or normal arch is balanced, and the foot imprint is half filled in on the wet cardboard.
  • Low or flat arch. A low or flat arch is what is commonly called flat foot. This type of arch will look like a complete foot on the cardboard since it has a flattened arch.
  • High arch. A high arch will show up as having very little footprint. Since most of the foot will be raised in the arch, little imprint will appear.

In addition to using the wet foot test, you can also consult with a Grapevine podiatrist to determine if you have a flat foot. To diagnose the condition, your Grapevine podiatrist will do a complete foot examination. They will check how your feet appear and function and may order diagnostic tests such as an X-ray to determine the alignment of the bones and joints in the foot. Once diagnosed, treatment options can be discussed. Flat foot is most commonly treated conservatively using orthotics, specific types of footwear, and exercises.

Possible Complications

According to our Grapevine podiatrist, while many people with flat foot do not experience pain or any problems with their feet, there are potential problems that can occur with the condition, including:

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