Every patient is different, and there is no exact time for a deep foot wound to heal. It all depends on your individual health and how the wound is treated. But understanding the stages of wound healing can give you a general timeframe for the length of time needed to recover. Additionally, it's essential to be aware of signs of infection, so you can seek medical help if necessary. If you have concerns about your diabetic foot wound, it’s important to contact our Southlake podiatrist for further evaluation as soon as possible. patient with deep foot wound being treated by a Southlake podiatrist

Stages of Healing: A Deep Foot Wound

Wounds heal in different stages. According to our Southlake podiatrist, the first stage of wound healing is hemostasis. In this stage, the wound is being closed by clotting to prevent too much blood loss.

The next stages of wound healing include:

  • Inflammatory stage. In this stage, the body's immune system responds to prevent bacteria from entering the wound site. Swelling and redness occur as blood flow increases to the area. This stage usually lasts for around four to six days.
  • Proliferative stage. In this stage, the body starts rebuilding and producing new collagen fibers and blood vessels to close the wound. Granulation tissue, which is pink in color, forms over the wound. This stage usually lasts between four and 24 days.
  • Maturation stage. In this final stage, the body continues to produce collagen but at a slower rate than in the proliferative stage. This stage is also known as the remodeling stage when the wound fully closes. This process can last for several months.

Factors That Delay Wound Healing

  • Infection
  • Diabetes
  • Poor circulation

Signs of infection include increased redness, pain, swelling, and/or discharge from the wound site. If you have diabetes, it's important to closely monitor your foot wound because you are at an increased risk of infection due to poor circulation and nerve damage.

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